Divisibility Rules Posters

Confession:  This time of the year I spend more time than I should creating things for my classroom.  My first year teaching my walls were pretty bare, and it was sort of depressing.  Since then, I’ve slowly started adding new things to the walls.  I really enjoy making these types of things and don’t have time during the school year to do it.  I tell myself it’s an ok use of time because for 9 months out of the year, I’m in my classroom more than anywhere else.  Totally valid reasoning, right?

Jo Morgan wrote a post on divisibility rules recently, and it was the push I needed to find/create a set of divisibility rule posters for my classroom.   (If you haven’t checked out Jo Morgan’s site, you’re missing out!  Her weekly collection of gems is my favorite.)

I couldn’t find anything that was exactly what I wanted, but I did get enough ideas so that I was able to create my own.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.29.23 PM

Here is the link to download the pdf and Word Doc of the posters.  You will need the fonts KG Blank Space Sketch, KG Blank Space Solid, KG Wake Me Up, and KG Be Still And Know for the Word Doc.  (I know, I know…kind of an excessive number of fonts.  I’ll admit I have a problem.)

This year I want to be intentional about discussing with students why these divisibility rules work.  There’s a video in Jo Morgan’s post that explains the rules for 3 and 9.  Does anyone have experience explaining these rules to middle schoolers?  Any tips/advice or things you’ve found that work well to help students understand these rules?

Next on my list of things to create was a set of perfect square and perfect cube posters I had seen here earlier this summer, but I was happy to see that Sarah Carter already did.  Thanks, Sarah!


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