Quote Posters 2016-2017

I start school crazy late this year because my school is in the middle of a building project.  After seeing so many blog posts and Tweets this week from all of you back with students, I’m anxious to get back at it, but I’ve got to wait until September 12th to have a classroom full of students!  In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading all your first week ideas and am taking notes of what I want to steal from you all for when it’s finally time for my first week.

This post is simply my attempt to organize some of the quote posters I’ve made over the years so that they’re in one place -right now they’re in about twelve different folders on my computer.  Because let’s be real, who actually has an organized computer?  If you do, PLEASE teach me your ways because I. certainly. do. not.  It’s a mess.


I have always loved quotes.  Over the years, I have found countless quotes I want to use in my classroom.  A couple years ago I started putting up a quote of the week on the whiteboard below the agenda for the day.


Honestly, I do it more for myself than the students.  I put up a new quote every Friday before I leave for the weekend.  Sometimes I pick one that resonates with me personally -something to encourage me throughout the upcoming week.  Other times I pick out a quote in hopes to encourage a student or a group of students based on something I noticed that week or something I know will be coming up the following week.


Here is the link to most of the quote posters I have made.  I print them off on colored card stock and laminate them.  If I find more in random folders on my computer or make more in the future, I’ll try to remember to add them to that folder, but no guarantees.

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