Estimation 180 + Desmos

Last year I used Estimation 180 almost weekly in my middle school classes.  Students had access to this file on their iPads and filled it in each week.  This worked ok, but I wanted to find another way of doing this that students publicly committed to an answer.  I think I’ve seen other teachers who have their students use Post-it notes and put their answers on the board, but this just wasn’t something I could envision working in my classroom on a regular basis.  For one, I covet my Post-it notes way too much to have students use them regularly for this.  😉

I missed doing these activities with students and knew my students could use practice with their estimation skills.  After becoming more familiar with Desmos activity builder this summer, I thought that seemed like a much more realistic option for my classroom than something like Post-its.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to combine Estimation 180 and Desmos.  When I was looking for what else was out there, I struggled to find something to steal from someone else.  I saw this tweet from Andrew Stadel, which is awesome.  However, I was looking for something quick I could use as a warm-up activity.  My goal was to combine Desmos with Estimation 180 into an activity that could be done in 5-10 minutes with students.  I wanted to be able to put the class code up for students as they walked in the room and let them go so that I could take care of attendance, passing back papers, etc.

This is what I came up with and used on 3 consecutive days in one of my classes this week.


Overall, I liked how this went compared to how I did this last year, and I realized how much my students really need practice with this!  I think I will continue to use this structure, but I know this could be made better.  What would you do to improve this?


Update:  Since the original post, I’ve done a few more of these with students.  I’ll add the links to all the activities I’ve done below.





2 thoughts on “Estimation 180 + Desmos

  1. I like the idea of combining the two. I use E180 daily with one of my classes and I never thought of combining it with Desmos. What do you feel are the advantages of using Desmos with E180? Was there more classroom discussion before revealing the answer? Curious as I’m not as familiar with Desmos as I am other digital platforms.


    • When I used Estimation 180 in the past, I didn’t really have a way of holding students accountable for their answers. I like that after students have submitted their answers they see a couple of their classmates’ responses. Desmos is really the only digital platform that I’m familiar with, so it’s what I chose to try first.

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