Thank You #MTBoS

In the past couple weeks, it’s really struck me what a unique and special community the MTBoS truly is.  The things the people in this community have done and created are amazing in and of themselves, but that’s just a piece of it.  The way the people in this community support each other is incredible.

I will be scrolling through Twitter and can’t help but smile when I see a simple Tweet turn into a lengthy conversation between people from all over the world.  It’s SO cool to see the collaboration that takes place through the #MTBoS.  How can you not smile when you see people who may have never met in real life encourage others after a rough day, offer advice or constructive feedback on an idea, and take the time to look up a resource for someone.

It recently struck me how much of an impact the MTBoS has had on my teaching.  Most days, I would not have one complete lesson  without the MTBoS -things I have taken from people in this community are woven throughout my entire day nearly every day.  One day recently when it really hit me,  I had implemented differentiated review stations I learned about at TMC 16 from Michelle Naidu and part of those stations included open middle problems and quarter the cross.  I used Notice/Wonder from Annie Fetter that I learned about via Sara Van Der Werf to introduce the idea of a function with Hannah Mesick‘s birthday analogy.  I used Estimation 180 and Desmos as a warm-up.

I could stop there with the thank you for everything the MTBoS does to share resources and support teachers, but I can’t.  Because that’s only part of the greatness that is the MTBoS.  What’s even more awesome is your name doesn’t have to be Dan Meyer or Fawn Nyugen to be part of it.  If you’re passionate about math education, you’re in.  You’re part of the group.  They even include an unknown girl like me!

Not too long ago, I threw a question out there, and  I know I shouldn’t be, but I was honestly surprised that people actually replied!

Enough people were willing to share their input that the feed actually had a place to “show more” replies.  That made me excited.  🙂


I had something funny happen not too long ago in one of my classes that I didn’t think any of my colleagues would fully appreciate, but I knew Casey would.  And she did.

And then there’s this.  🙂

So thank you MTBoS not only for all the amazing resources you provide to teachers but for being there and getting it -after the good, the bad, and the ugly days you understand what it means to hold the challenging and exhausting, yet rewarding and amazing title of teacher.


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