More “One Good Things”

Today was another day where the “One Good Things” just kept piling on.

Don’t get me wrong.  There were plenty of things that would not classify as “Good Things” that happened today.  Plenty of them.  However as I drove home today, the Good Things are what stood out to me.

You can read the blog of other people’s One Good Things here and here is my “One Good Thing” post from last week.

I had to leave my classroom for a short time between homeroom and first hour.  When I returned to my classroom my 6th graders were quietly at their desks working on their Which One Doesn’t Belong? warm-up.


One of my students was called down to the office at the end of the hour.  I actually heard this student groan at having to leave class.  This is a student who I have a feeling has not felt very successful in math in the past, but today that student was working hard and was feeling success in math and because of that didn’t want to stop working!


I’ve been encouraging my next hour’s class to participate more.  I had students who are rarely willing to participate and raise their hand, participate today!


I had a 6th grader raise his hand to ask a question during work time, but then he said, “Wait, I should look it up first.”  And he used his Chromebook to look up what he needed.

I realize that these are small things, but to me these are things that will have such a big impact moving forward, especially since I am seeing these things in my students so early on in the year.  My students are starting to get used to routines I have in place in my classroom.  My students are willing to be brave and participate, even if they may not be super confident in what they are doing.  My students are starting to see that if they engage in what we are working on and try, they can be successful.  My students are starting to become more independent and figure out how to find the answers to their questions without needing me all the time.

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