Marbleslides 2017-2018

Last year (well 2 school years ago now) I shared a Marbleslides project I had my students do.  I realized I never got around to sharing some of the things this past group of students  created.  Again, I was blown away by what they did.  This became one of the tasks students could work on if they had extra time.

For whatever reason, I almost didn’t do this activity with students.  I’m SO glad I changed my mind.  Students got into playing around with the view window to see how long it would take the marbles to show up on the screen or how slowly they could get them to roll.  Some students also got into naming their creations.

It’s so fun for me to see what students figure out just by playing around in Desmos.  They figured out how to restrict the domain and range, make parabolas, circles, and many other things we had not talked about.  I love hearing students ask other students how they did something and seeing them teach each other.

Here is the link to their creations.


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