One Good Thing: Volume 7

My students are starting to get into the play table more, and it’s like having a little piece of Math on a Stick in my own classroom!  Right away as they discovered these, they started doing things I never would have thought to do!  I love it!


We’ve been working on area in 6th grade, and I’ve shown students several GIFs to help them understand the formulas.  One student commented, “All of these GIFs are just so perfect for this!  Where do you find them?!”  I love when they appreciate things I’m sharing with them.


A pair of students called me over and asked, “Can you help us?  We’re arguing over here.”  Me:  “Arguing?  Over math?!  I LOVE it!”


I’ve done a worksheet like this in a couple different classes this week, and I LOVE how persistent my students have been.  I know that these types of worksheets can be frustrating because students are forced to get a correct answer rather than just move on, but for the most part, they’ve embraced the challenge.


We played the game linked in this post this week and a students’ comment as she left class, “PLEASE tell me we’re going to play that again.  THAT was fun!”



I’ve been sick this week, and one day my eyes get really watery several times throughout the day.  One student was in the middle of a sentence when she looked at me and with genuine concern asked, “Are you ok?”  These kids.  I just love them so much.


One of my lessons this week did not go how I hoped.  We were working on simplifying expressions.  Every year I’ve taught this I’ve forgotten where students are when they come to me.  When planning this lesson, I always think of where the prior year’s group ended -not remembering how much that group had learned over the course of the year.  Anyway, the lesson combined too many new things together too quickly.  As I was teaching, I knew it wasn’t going that well, but I didn’t know how to improve the lesson on the fly.  I made a slight change from the first class to the next class that helped a bit, but I ended the day frustrated with myself for forgetting how this lesson had gone the previous year.

We came back the next day and did an Open Middle (more on that later), reviewed briefly before going to the whiteboards for some Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces.  They ROCKED it that day!  They were so focused and worked so hard!  I was SO proud of them!


I introduced students to Open Middle.  Because it was the first time students were introduced to this type of problem, I wanted them to feel success without it being too easy.  I think this problem worked well with my goals.  At first students were confused, and I sensed some were hesitant to even get started because they were unsure of themselves.  However, once they grasped what was being asked and dove in, they were able to solve the problem, and most often come up with more than one solution.  Cheers of excitement could be heard throughout my room as students successfully solved the problem.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 10.00.58 PM

We followed that one up with another one the next day and they dove right in.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 8.28.25 PM


The 8th grade football players were practicing as I was leaving school one day this week. A few of my 8th grade boys noticed me leaving and started waving at me -it wasn’t just your typical wave.  It was the practically jumping up and down because they’re waving so big kind of wave.  What a great way to end the day!


A student as he left class, “Thank you for teaching me today.”


Friday High Fives have turned into a Friday hug with one of my 6th graders.  6th graders are just the sweetest.


I wore my Desmos shirt for the first time this year.  I got by far more comments on that shirt than anything else I’ve worn this year -both from current and former students.  Some students thought it was cool.  Some asked, “WHY do you have a Desmos shirt?” and now think I’m even weirder than I was before.  🙂  One girl asked, “Does Desmos sponsor you or something?”  When I told her no, she replied, “Well they should.”  Haha!


A couple of groups finished what they were working on earlier than the rest of the class. Without prompting, they started helping other groups.  It was like having 3 or 4 teachers in the room as these students walked about the room asking groups if they had questions.  These kids.  I tell you.  How did I get so lucky that I get to spend my days with them?

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