More Awesome Stuff from the MTBoS in 2018-2019

I shared in this post some of my favorite Tweets from the 2018-2019 school year.  All of those Tweets are ideas of things I could use in my classroom in one way or another.  However, there are so many other amazing Tweets from this past year that don’t necessarily fit in that category.  These are Tweets that remind me why I love hanging out on Twitter for a bit after a long day.  Tweets that remind me that these are my people.  I love seeing random, funny snippets from other people’s classrooms.  I love seeing an awesome Desmos graph someone or someone’s student created.  I love seeing a conversation someone had with their own kids involving math.  I love seeing an amazing mathy thing someone found and took a picture of to share.  I also love knowing that Twitter is a space where I can share those things and that these people will get it.  So enjoy more awesomeness from the MTBoS community from the past year.  And thank you MTBoS for sharing.  Please, don’t ever stop.

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