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Student Marbleslides 2019-2020

Favorite Tweets of the 2019-2020 School Year (Part 3)

Favorite Tweets of the 2019-2020 School Year (Part 2)

Favorite Tweets of the 2019-2020 School Year | Distance Learning


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Changes for 2019-2020

Whiteboard Posters

Good Things:  Year 7.  Week 1.

Desktop Wallpaper Organizer

Savor This

Quote Posters 2019-2020

Student Marbleslides 2018-2019

Desmos Fellows Weekend

More Awesome Stuff from the MTBoS in 2018-2019

Favorite Tweets of the 2018-2019 School Year

MCTM 2019

Estimation Presentation – MCTM 2019

Learning to Balance

Good Things:  Volume 11

Good Things:  Volume 10

Good Things:  Volume 9


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, MTBoS

Activities for Before Christmas Break

Function Notation Same/Different

Good Things:  Volume 8

You really do need a play table in your classroom!

Equations and Inequalities with No Solution or Infinite Solutions

Puzzles, Puzzles, and More Puzzles

One Good Thing:  Volume 7

Math on a Stick

First Days Good Things

Marbleslides 2017-2018

Fawn Nguyen


Quote Posters 2018-2019


Group Number Signs

8th Grade Unit 6:  Exponents (Part 2 Scientific Notation)



8th Grade Unit 5:  Systems of Equations (Part 2 -Elimination & Choosing Method)

8th Grade Unit 5:  Systems of Equations (Part 1 – Graphing & Substitution)

8th Grade Unit 4:  Applications of Lines

6th Grade Unit 8:  Probability

6th Grade Unit 7:  Surface Area and Volume

6th Grade Unit 6:  Angles and Triangles

6th Grade Unit 5:  Percents

6th Grade Unit 4:  Ratios

6th Grade Unit 3:  Fractions (Part 4 – Multiplying and Dividing)

6th Grade Unit 3:  Fractions (Part 3 – Fraction Stations Set 2)

6th Grade Unit 3:  Fractions (Part 2 – Fraction Stations Set 1)

Distributive Property

One Good Thing:  Volume 5

VNPS Variation

I Spy

8th Grade Unit 3:  Functions (Part 3 – Point Slope Form & Standard Form)

8th Grade Unit 3:  Functions (Part 2 – Slope & Slope Intercept Form)

Small Change

8th Grade Unit 3:  Functions (Part 1 – function vs relation, function notation, and linear vs nonlinear)

6th Grade Unit 3:  Fractions (Part 1 -Greatest Common Factor & Least Common Multiple)


8th Grade Unit 2:  Inequalities (Part 3 -absolute value special cases and word problems)

6th Grade Unit 2:  Intro to Algebra (Part 4 -Inequalities)

6th Grade Unit 2:  Intro to Algebra (Part 3 -Equations)

8th Grade Unit 2:  Inequalities (Part 2 -Compound Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities)

8th Grade Unit 2:  Inequalities (Part 1)

Math Telephone

One Good Thing:  Volume 4

6th Grade Unit 2:  Intro to Algebra (Part 2 -Evaluating Expressions)

8th Grade Unit 1:  Equations (Part 2)

Open Middle Inequality Problems

6th Grade Unit 2:  Intro to Algebra (Part 1 -Exponents, Prime Factorization, Properties, and Order of Operations)

8th Grade Unit 1:  Solving Equations (Part 1)

6th Grade Unit 1:  Area & Decimal Operations

Like Terms & Simplifying Expressions


Finding Mistakes

Spiral Review

More “One Good Things”

A Day Full of “One Good Things”

Year 5.  Day 1.

Ready to Go!

Top Organization Things of 2016-2017

100 Numbers Task Version 2

Quote Posters 2017-2018



Twitter:  More than Just a Place to Steal Resources

Favorite Tweets of the 2016-2017 School Year

Add ‘Em Up

Highlights from 2016-2017

One Good Thing:  “I think we need to clap for that.”

System of Equations:  Substitution

Surface Area & Volume Scavenger Hunts

8th Grade Unit 6:  Exponents (Part 1 – Exponent Properties)

“I got it, and I feel amazing!”

A “One Problem Lesson Plan” that did not Go as Planned

8th Grade Unit 7:  Sequences

8th Grade Unit 8:  Pythagorean Theorem and Rational/Irrational Numbers

Movement:  Incorporating Math Concepts into Movement Activities

One Problem Lesson Plans

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Student Marbleslides

Differentiated Review Stations

Movement:  Slope Dude

Relations, Functions, and Function Notation

Thank You #MTBoS

Soft Skills:  Choices and Consequences

Movement:  A Game Changer in my Middle School Classroom

My Favorite Mistake

My Favorites:  2 Equation Activities


Estimation 180 + Desmos

Let’s Be Real

The warm-up problem that changed me, my students, and my classroom

“One Incorrect” Worksheets

Find the Flub with Stand and Talks

Desmos Multiplying Integers Investigation

Mathematics is the study of patterns.

A Teacher’s Noticings and Wonderings from Day 1

New Classroom

Commit and Capture:  An Order of Operations Activity

Number Muncher:  An Order of Operations Game

Two of My Favorite First Week Things

Quote Posters 2016-2017


Divisibility Rules Posters

My 10% and Other TMC Reflections

From a MTBoS Stalker